Terra incognita. Uncharted depths. Africa unknowable.

A collection of new speculative fiction from Africa, featuring the top nineteen stories from Short Story Day Africa's 2014 competition, edited by Nerine Dorman.

Terra Incognita is the second collection of short stories to be published by Short Story Day Africa. This carefully curated collection is harvested from entries to the project’s annual short story competition, which in 2014 called for speculative fiction. The collection includes well-known and award-winning and authors Cat Hellisen, Diane Awerbuck and Gail Dendy, alongside emerging stars like Dilman Dila, Nick Mulgrew and Chinelo Onwaulu. The stories in the collection encompass all forms of speculative fiction, from literary magical realism to science fiction to dark horror, and pulsing through each is a new African paradigm. Here be vampires, tokoloshi, ghosts, unnatural obsessions and the unspeakable things that lurk beneath land and in the water.

Includes the winning story, "Leatherman" by Diane Awerbuck, with an introduction from Rachel Zadok. See the full contents here.