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Hotel Africa: New Short Fiction from Africa
Edited by Agazit Abate, Anne Moraa, Ope Adedeji, Karen Jennings & Helen Moffett

OUT November 2019 in all good bookstores

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For this sixth collection of stories seeking the most innovative writing emerging from the continent, we asked for stories of Africa’s hotels: grand and shabby, real and imaginary, pulsating with life and abandoned. Here, it’s not just the walls that speak (and weep); the corridors, kitchens, lobbies, bars and beds all have stories to tell. But none more so than the array of characters jostling each other across these pages: tourists, cleaners, children, beggars, honeymooners, cooks, soldiers, those travelling hopefully.

Check in to meet captive maternal progenitors, a dragon-breathed gangster, a herd of mystical donkeys, competing chefs, a prosperity pastor, and more.

Check in to read stories of anonymous hookups, the pitfalls of nostalgia, surviving a colonial past, imagining astonishing futures.

Check in to hear a chorus of irresistible voices -- from Cameroon to Zambia, from Egypt to Malawi.

Check in to HOTEL AFRICA


  • ‘The Satans Inside My Jimmy’ by Harriet Anena (Uganda)

  • ‘The Jollof Cook-off’ by Nkiacha Atemnkeng (Cameroon)

  • ‘The Last Resident’ by Jayne Bauling (South Africa)

  • ‘Mr Thompson’ by Noel Cheruto (Kenya)

  • ‘The Layover’ by Anna Degenaar (South Africa)

  • ‘A Miracle In Valhalla’ by Nnamdi Fred (Nigeria)

  • ‘Of Birds and Bees’ by Davina Kawuma (Uganda)

  • ‘Maintenance Check’ by Alinafe Malonje (Malawi)

  • ‘Why Don’t You Live in the North?’ by Wamuwi Mbao (South Africa)

  • ‘Slow Road to the Winburg Hotel’ by Paul Morris (South Africa)

  • ‘The Snore Monitor’ by Chido Muchemwa (Zimbabwe)

  • ‘Outside Riad Dahab’ by Chourouq Nasri (Morocco)

  • ‘Broken English’ by Adorah Nworah (Nigeria)

  • ‘The Tale of Two Sisters’ by Tariro Ndoro (Zimbabwe)

  • ‘Door of No Return’ by Natasha Omokhodion-Banda (Zambia)

  • ‘An Abundance of Lies’ by Faith Oneya (Kenya)

  • ‘The Match’ by Troy Onyango (Kenya)

  • ‘Supping at the Fountain of Lethe’ by Bryony Rheam (Zimbabwe)

  • ‘Happy City Hotel’ by Adam El Shalakany (Egypt)

  • ‘The Space(s) Between Us’ by Lester Walbrugh (South Africa)

  • ‘Shithole’ by Michael Yee (South Africa)



ID: New Short Fiction from Africa
Edited by Nebila Abdulmelik, Otiene Owino & Helen Moffett

OUT June 2018 in all good bookstores

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This powerful collection showcases the multiple ways in which African writers see themselves and their communities, and the depth, variety and innovation of their interpretations. From Benin to Ethiopia, from Morocco to South Africa, the stories here reveal uncomfortable and fascinating truths about who we are. In a world of rising nationalism and factionalism, of increasingly crude and reductive notions of identity, these stories insist on the complexity, intimacy and interconnectedness of African identities. Prepare to be amazed, challenged and enchanted.


  • Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor, “All Our Lives” (Nigeria)

  • Agazit Abate, “The Piano Player” (Ethiopia)

  • Micheal Yee, “God Skin” (South Africa)

  • Kharys Laue, “Plums” (South Africa)

  • Michael Agugom, “Ibinabo” (Nigeria)

  • Chourouq Nasri, “Anna” (Morroco)

  • Lester Walbrugh, “The House on the Corner” (South Africa)

  • Alithnayn Abdulkareem, “This Is What Waking Feels Like” (Nigeria)

  • Éric Essono Tsimi, “One Brief Eruption of Madness” (Cameroon)

  • Mpho Phalwane, “Per Annum” (South Africa)

  • Cherrie Kandi, “Sew My Mouth” (Kenya)

  • Harriet Anena, “Waiting” (Uganda)

  • Innocent Chizaram Ilo, “Limbo” (Nigeria)

  • Alexis Teyie, “Unblooming” (Kenya)

  • Susan Newham-Blake, “The Things They Said” (South Africa)

  • Farai Mudzingwa, “South of Samora” (Zimbabwe)

  • Genna Gardini, “Transubstantiation” (South Africa)

  • Heran T. Abate, “What We Could Have Been” (Ethiopia)

  • Nadu Ologoudou, “Who We Were There, Who We Are Now” (Benin)

  • Michelle K. Angwenyi, “The Georgraphy of Sunflowers” (Kenya)



Migrations: New Short Fiction from Africa
Edited by Efemia Chela, Bongani Kona& Helen Moffett

OUT March  2017 in all good bookstores in South Africa
OUT in September 2017 in the rest of the world

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The story of Africa is the story of souls migrating. Twenty-one of Africa's finest writers bring fresh urgent perspectives to one of our most profound phenomena, and the basis of all our greatest stories. 


  • Mirette Bhagat Eskaros ,"Exodus" (Egypt)

  • Stacy Hardy, "Involution" (SA)

  • Okafor Tochukwu , "Leaving" (Nigeria)

  • Lauri Kubuitsile, "Movement in the Key of Love " (Botswana)

  • Blaize Kaye, "Diaspora Electronica" (SA)

  • Umar Turaki, "Naming" (Nigeria)

  • Aba Asibon, "Things We Found North of the Sunset" (Ghana)

  • Mary Ononokpono, "Ayanti" (Nigeria)

  • Gamu Chamisa, "Bleed" (Zimbabwe)

  • Fred Khumalo, "This Bus Is Not Full!" (SA)

  • Mignotte Mekuria, "Of Fire" (Ethiopia)

  • Nyarsipi Odeph, "My Sister’s Husband" (Kenya)

  • Arja Salafranca, "The Castle" (SA)

  • Francis Aubee, "Teii mom, win rekk lah" (The Gambia)

  • Sibongile Fisher, "A Door Ajar" (SA) ssda prize winner

  • Megan Ross, "Farang" (SA)

  • Anne Moraa, "Lymph" (Kenya)

  • TJ Benson, "Tea" (Nigeria)

  • Edwin Okolo, "The Fates" (Nigeria)

  • Karen Jennings, "Keeping" (SA)

  • Izda Luhumyo, "The Impossibility of Home" (Kenya)


Water: New Short Fiction from Africa
Edited by Nick Mulgrew & Karina Szczurek

OUT NOW in all good bookstores in South Africa
OUT in April 2016 in the rest of the world

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The tidemark of African fiction. A deluge of new short stories on murder, magic, family, war and water from twenty-one of Africa's finest writers. 


  • Alex Latimer, “A Fierce Symmetry”

  • Donald Molosi, “Beetroot Salad”

  • Wairimu Muriithi, “Love Like Blue”

  • Christine Coates, “How We Look Now”

  • Mark Mngomezulu, “Urgency”

  • Cat Hellisen, “The Worme Bridge”

  • Louis Ogbere, “Were”

  • Efemia Chela, “The Lake Retba Murder”

  • Louis Greenberg, “Oasis”

  • Chido Muchemwa, “Finding Mermaids”

  • Wesley Macheso, “This Land Is Mine”

  • Siyanda Mohutsiwa, “And Then We Disappeared Into Some Guy’s Car”

  • Alexis Teyie, “Mama Boi”

  • Mary Okon Ononokpono, “Inyang”

  • Dayo Ntwari, “Mother’s Love”

  • Thabo Jijana, “Native Mayonnaise”

  • Pede Hollist, “The Tale of the Three Water Carriers”

  • Fred Khumalo, “Water No Get Enemy”

  • Megan Ross, “Traces”

  • Florence Onyango, “Nyar Nam”

  • Mark Winkler, “Ink”


Terra Incognita

Edited by Nerine Dorman

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Terra incognita. Uncharted depths. Africa unknowable. Nineteen new short speculative stories from the fringes and hidden worlds of Africa.


  • Diane Awerbuck, "Leatherman"

  • Toby Bennett, "Caverns Measureless to Man"

  • Pwaangulongii Benrawangya, "I Am Sitting Here Looking at a Graveyard"

  • Tiah Beautement, "Hands"

  • Gail Dendy, "Marion's Mirror"

  • Dilman Dila, "How My Father Became a God"

  • Kerstin Hall, "In the Water"

  • Cat Hellisen, "Mouse Teeth"

  • Mishka Hoosen, "Spirit of the Dead Keep Watch"

  • Nick Mulgrew, "Stations"

  • Mary Okon Ononokpono, "Editöngö"

  • Chinelo Onwualu, "CJ"

  • Jekwu Ozoemene, "There is Something That Ogbu-Ojah Didn’t Tell Us"

  • Sylvia Schlettwein, "Ape Shit"

  • Jason Mykl Snyman, "What if You Slept?"

  • Phillip Steyn, "Esomnesia"

  • Brendan Ward, "The Lacuna"

  • Sarah Jane Woodward, "The Carthagion"

  • Sese Yane, "The Corpse"


Feast, Famine & Potluck

Edited by Karen Jennings

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A dazzling collection from across the African continent and diaspora – here Short Story Day Africa has assembled the best nineteen stories from their 2013 competition. 

Food is at the centre of stories from authors emerging and established, blending the secular, the supernatural, the old and the new in a spectacular celebration of short fiction. Civil wars, evictions, vacations, feasts and romances – the stories we bring to our tables that bring us together and tear us apart. 


  • Okwiri Oduor, "My Father's Head" (winner of the 2014 Caine Prize for African Writing)

  • Jayne Bauling, "Choke"

  • Efemia Chela, "Chicken" (shortlisted for the 2014 Caine Prize for African Writing)

  • Tarryn-Anne Anderson, "Bloodline"

  • Dilman Dila, "The Broken Pot"

  • Katherine Graham, "Heaven Scent"

  • Manu Herbstein, "The Dibbuk"

  • Catherine Jarvis, "44 Boston Heights, Yeoville"

  • Bryen Walter Kangwagye, "A Serving of Honey"

  • Lauri Kubuitsile, "Black Coffee without Sugar"

  • Greg Lazarus, "Where Is The Tenderness?"

  • Abdul-Malik Sibabalwe Oscar Masinyana, "The House of the Apostate"

  • Nick Mulgrew, "Ponta do Ouro" (longlisted for the Twentyin20 Project)

  • Chukwumeka Njoku, "Mogadishu Maybe"

  • Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunga, "Looking"

  • Achiro Patricia Olwoch, "On Time"

  • Michelle Preen, "Burning Woman"

  • Ramonez Ramirez, "Hyena"

  • Hamilton Wende, "Fizz Pops"





Follow the Road
Edited by Maíre Fisher and Tiah Beautement

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Follow the Road is the second collection of children’s short stories to be published by Short Story Day Africa. Collected from their 2014 children’s creative writing competition, here are twenty-seven refreshing takes on the science fiction and fantasy genres from minds wide open to possibility. From time travelling parents to sparkly dragons in the Drakensberg mountains, these are African stories from Africa’s children. This is science fiction that will challenge the perception of what children are capable of thinking and creating.


Rapunzel is Dead

Edited by Tiah Beautement and Na'eemah Masoet
Illustrated by Cat Hellisen

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A vibrant collection of stories by Africa’s younger writers – here Short Story Day Africa has assembled the best seventeen stories from their 2013 competition.