#WriterWednesday #WriteTips - The Artist, The Author and The Poet

Our #WriteTips come from a poet, a visual artist and an author so they all approach writing in quite different ways. Each of their views shine light on the writer's journey and the uniqueness of every creative process.


Nikhil Singh

Have the courage to leave the academic world and do some real work. 







Peter Kagayi

I once read this somewhere: erase all your lines until you come to the one you possibly can't live without. That is your beginning.

Write first, think later.

If you know how it ends before it begins, then your beginning is the end.

Do not share first drafts with anyone! At least share the third. (I should follow this rule myself!)



Ifesinachi Okoli-Okapagu

  • Try to do a breakdown of each character before writing. Know your characters so well that s/he/it can easily lead you to the end of their story without too much of your interference. It may seem like a weird idea, but I believe strongly that characters have a way of leading the story. You just need to know who they are and what they want to say.


  • When you’re tired, stop writing and rest. Pushing yourself too hard will only make you have to re-write more in the end than you should. On the flip side, when your emotional level is at its peak, write!


  • Get a friend to look through your work. It helps to get one or two outside comments before publishing, and they may catch one or two things you did not notice.